About Us

A number of years ago our founder saw an opportunity purchasing deer antler pieces and retailing them as tasty and natural dog chews. The operation was small but successful, however due to a limited supply of the raw material it ultimately needed to temporarily cease trading.

After spending months searching for reliable supplier that was able to fulfil the growing demand the business was re-ignited and today processes hundreds of kilograms of red deer antler per month.

New products were then sourced as far as East Asia where we now import growing quantities of buffalo horn on a resular basis.

In addition to the pet industry our products are purchased for manufacturing, home furnishings, jewellery, decoration and more.

Wholesale Horn is owned and operated by Arming Limited, registered in Scotland with company number SC415983. Arming Limited is registered at 15 Bishops Park, Mid Calder, EH53 0SQ.

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